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How to choose custom furniture
How to choose custom furniture

Custom furniture

In today's society, a large number of people buy a new house or redecorate a new house, will prefer custom furniture. However, there is a lack of understanding of furniture products when buying custom furniture products, so a large number of people choose custom furniture are more likely to make some mistakes. As a well-known brand with extensive experience in the high-end custom furniture industry, here are some of the necessary details you should know when choosing to buy your own custom furniture.

1.Pay attention to the design

Before we start a project, we usually meet many customers who directly and rashly acknowledge their own plans, and there are many dissatisfaction in the process of making customized furniture, so we should pay special attention to the design plan.


In the choice of customized hotel furniture is, many customers go to the store to see the product after feeling that some products are good, blind pursuit of personality, but once installed at their own hotel, the effect is much different than when you look at the store, because you see in the store those products are based on the store's style space to carry out professional design effect, so in the selection of custom furniture we should combine their own decoration style space ratio to determine the style, color, style of our products.

3.Space layout

Custom hotel furniture more and more personalized products, directly to the manufacturers to customize products, but we see in the exhibition hall furniture layout is well-designed, so we should combine their own space, location and circumstances to determine the style of the product.

4.Choose the right wood

Many customers do not know too much about wood, do not know how to budget the cost of high and low, so before this material price to do some understanding, such as door panels, cabinets with plywood. If you do closed paint, you have to choose surface even materials such as MDF.

5.Make a reasonable and customized budget

Some of your seemingly cheap custom furniture but often the final calculated price will surprise you, so we need to compare a few more according to our own budget and needs, but don't be greedy for cheap and choose some informal small manufacturers and small workshops to customize poor quality products.

Hope it helped you.

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