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New furniture smells very strong, how to remove the smell?
New furniture smells very strong, how to remove the smell?

Harman is a luxury hotel furniture suppliers. We have extensive experience in manufacturing and maintaining the furniture. The new home has a peculiar smell, how to remove it? Please follow our suggestions below.

How to remove the new furniture smell?

1. We can place some pineapples, orange peels, peppers, onions, etc.: divide them into small portions and place them in every corner of the room, as well as the places with the strongest decoration taste. Generally, the decoration taste will be greatly reduced within a week.

2. Use tea leaves: Make tea with boiled water. Put more tea leaves to ensure that the concentration of the tea water is sufficient. When the tea steam evaporates, use a plastic poke to distribute it to each room for fumigation. After the water is cool, reheat the water, and repeat this process several times, the smell of interior decoration is greatly reduced.

3. Paint smell: Newly painted walls or furniture will have a strong paint smell. To remove the paint smell, we only need to put two basins of cold saltwater indoors. The paint smell will be removed within one to two days. You can also soak the onion in the basin. , Equally effective.

4. Use vinegar: it can be placed directly in every corner of the room, or it can be used after heating to increase its volatilization speed.

5. Plants: bluegrass, cactus, aloe, and other plants are suitable for indoor placement, low price, and beautify the environment. In the case of non-occupancy, 1 pot/2 square meters can be placed in the bedroom and living room. In January, the decoration taste will be greatly reduced. Aloe can also play a role as an indoor environmental pollution monitor. When the indoor air quality is poor, many small spots will grow on the leaf surface. On the contrary, the indoor air quality is good.

6. Ventilation: try to keep the indoor window open for a long time to ventilate, or use an electric fan to assist in accelerating the convection flow of indoor and outdoor air. With forced ventilation for one month, the decoration smell will be greatly reduced.

Hope it helped you.

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