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What should be paid attention to when choosing hotel furniture
What should be paid attention to when choosing hotel furniture

With the improvement of living standards, many people will stay in hotels for various reasons. The decoration of the hotel can determine the taste of the hotel. The furniture of the hotel is one of the decorations. The combination of furniture affects the style of the entire hotel, so we should How to choose hotel furniture correctly, let's take a look
1 Safety performance: The furniture will not be scratched, will not fall, no pungent odor, and use high environmental protection grade materials. The furniture should have a fresh woody smell, and it will spray fragrance when cleaning the room.
2. Functional design: The design should conform to ergonomic principles and humanized design. For example, you can make more shelves and drawers when designing a wardrobe. The corners of the furniture are obtuse or rounded. The TV should be equipped with a rotatable partition. The socket should consider the use of mobile phone charging.
3. Whether the material is reasonable. Table: The legs of chairs and cabinets need hard wood, which is relatively strong and can bear weight, and its internal materials can be used with other materials. The thickness of the legs of the wardrobe needs to reach 2.5cm. If it is too thick, it is awkward, thin and easy to bend and deform. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets cannot be made of fiberboard, but plywood should be used, because the fiberboard will expand and damage when exposed to water; the dining table should be washable.

4. Wear-resistant and drop-resistant: Generally, it is the supplies of the guest room, such as telephones, tea cups, desk lamps, flower pots, electric water heaters, etc., which will form scratches when they are used carelessly, which will not be corrected, which will affect the effectiveness of the furniture. life. Therefore, the raw materials of the furniture determine the time of its use.
5. The moisture content of hotel furniture cannot exceed 12%, and the materials must be dried. In addition, it is important to test its water absorption, especially in southern cities. After absorbing water, wooden hotel furniture will breed colonies and further oxidize, which will affect the use and reduce the life span
6. Fire resistance and high temperature resistance: Lighted cigarettes, matches, etc. will damage the surface of the furniture, and even cause a fire. The function of furniture fire and flame retardant cannot be ignored;
7. The structure of hotel furniture must be strong. When choosing wardrobes, chairs, stools, and racks for drying clothes in hotels, you can draw a stroke on the furniture to see the anti-slip effect. If there is no mark with your hand, it means the quality is good. The sound of a fall indicates that the quality is better. If the sound is not good and there is noise, it means that the mortise joint is not in place and the structure is not strong. Pay attention to purchase

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