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What problems should be paid attention to when customizing hotel furniture?
What problems should be paid attention to when customizing hotel furniture?

With the deepening of the concept of "customized hotel furniture", more and more owners are willing to choose customization when furnishing. Because with the customization service, if you are pursuing a personalized life, you can directly find the luxury hotel furniture suppliers according to your preferences or living habits. Tailor-made furniture. However, there is a problem that cannot be ignored at present. Although customized products can meet people's diverse home needs, because many aspects are not standardized, once problems occur, consumers' rights and interests often cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, consumers need to be careful when choosing custom furniture, and they should also pay attention to the following issues when decorating and installing custom furniture:
Custom hotel furniture attention before installation
1. Check whether the packaging is intact and damaged. If this is found, the installer must be asked to open the box to check the internal furniture of the damaged part. There are no bumps, scratches and other transportation problems. When you find a problem, you must communicate with the after-sales personnel of the merchant in time, and let the installer confirm the situation to protect their own interests.
2. After opening the box, check whether the appearance or color of the received product fully meets your original order requirements. There are also many such problems. The manufacturer's color is wrong, and the furniture has been installed for various reasons. It is not what the customer wants, so it is a great loss to the customer friend and the merchant itself.
3. Pay attention to whether the structure of the furniture is firm and whether the mortice joint is tight. Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, stools, and hangers, can be dragged on the concrete floor when they are selected, and they are gently dropped. The sound is crisp and the quality is good; It shows that the mortise is not tightly combined and the structure is not strong. The table and table can be shaken by hand to see if it is stable. The sofa can be seated and shaken. If it is not active, it is not soft, and there is no sound. It explains the tenon structure. It is more reliable. It won't take long. Square tables, bar tables, chairs, etc. should have four triangular clips on the legs to fix it. If not, they may fall apart over time. When choosing, you can look over the table and chairs, and the cloth chair can be touched by hand.
4. Pay attention to whether the edging and sealing of the furniture are flat and firm. The edge banding is uneven, indicating that the inner material is wet, and the edge banding will fall off within a few days. Edge banding should also be rounded, not right-angled. Edges sealed with wooden strips are prone to moisture or chipping. Plywood wrapped furniture is nailed at the wrapping strips. Pay attention to whether the nail holes are flat and whether the colors at the nail holes are consistent with those at other places. Nails are usually closed with putty. Pay attention to whether the putty bulges. If it does, it will not work. Slowly the putty will fall out of it.
5. The paint part of the furniture should be smooth, flat, non-spitting, wrinkle-free, and free from scratches. The corners and corners must not be right-angled and right-angled; There should also be a lacquer in the door of the furniture. The lacquer board is not easy to bend and is not beautiful.
6. Pay attention to whether the installation of furniture hardware accessories is complete, regular and reasonable. For example, check if the door lock switch is not working. The large cabinet should be equipped with three concealed hinges, and some of them will not work. The three reelings, some cut corners, and only one screw will be used. .
7. Environmental protection issues cannot be ignored. When customizing furniture, environmental protection requirements (such as formaldehyde content) and liability for breach of contract should be indicated in the contract. When inspecting the goods, open the furniture door and smell the smell. If the smell is so tearful, it means that the formaldehyde may exceed the standard.

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