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What about the furniture placement in the hotel? Let’s take a look at the furniture layout


Hotel furniture is mostly custom-made, so designers are required to control the size, shape, and orientation of the furniture during the interior design. In China, the furniture layout is very particular. Usually, while it is beneficial to the user experience, the influence of feng shui needs to be considered. Let's take a look at the furniture layout with Mizuki Yuanchuang Design Editor.

What about the hotel furniture placement

First, the number of furniture should not be too much

In the arrangement of hotel furniture, there is no excessive placement of furniture, so hotel furniture is generally very practical, and of course, there is some decorative furniture in some public areas. Comfortable flowing lines and wide spaces will make life and family life more comfortable.

Second, the sofa taboos

The sofa is often used as the main layout of the suite. There are many taboos to consider when decorating. First, the sofa must be leaned against the wall behind it. If you do not lean against the wall, it is easy to spread money from the perspective of feng shui. Secondly, there must be no beams on the sofa. The pressing of beams has always been carried away in Feng Shui. If it is unavoidable, you can consider putting bamboo on the coffee table on both sides to lift the beams.

Third, the placement of the bed

For the guests, the bed is their main place of use, so the layout of the bed is very important, and the important thing is the orientation of the bed. Make people more accessible.
The above are the more noteworthy details of the hotel furniture layout. Of course, there are other details that are not detailed, but now many people's furniture accessories are customized by special luxury hotel furniture suppliers, so this requires interior designers to understand some Feng Shui Knowledge.


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