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Six principles to pay attention to when choosing hotel furniture
Six principles to pay attention to when choosing hotel furniture

Hotel furniture is an important part of hotel procurement. Hotel furniture must not only consider aesthetics and practicality but also consider the requirements of environmentally friendly materials and functions. There are several basic principles for hotel furniture purchases that require hotel buyers' attention.

Six principles of choosing hotel furniture

1.Environmental principles

When selecting materials for furniture in hotels, we must first consider environmental protection principles. Particleboard, fiberboard, glue, and paint all release harmful gases to the human body, so try to avoid using these materials. If you use them, you must purchase materials that meet national quality and safety standards and are less dangerous to humans.

2.Right style

The furniture in the hotel is the material carrier for providing customers with services. The personality and style of the furniture should be consistent with the overall style of the hotel, avoiding the overall simple decoration and supporting luxury furniture, or the overall luxurious decoration and supporting low-grade furniture; the customer's preferences and consumption concepts should also be considered In order to meet the guest's aesthetics and taste, the function comes first.

3.One-time investment and depreciation rate

When the hotel is opened, the one-time investment is large, so it is important to consider the overall budget when purchasing furniture. On the premise of ensuring compliance with the overall budget, furniture depreciation, and life cycle should be considered, and furniture that is durable, strong, and with a low depreciation rate should be selected as much as possible.

4.Waterproof and moistureproof

Hotel rooms, desks, bedside tables, etc. are all places where guests can place items at will, such as water cups, kettles, etc. It is inevitable that water will often be spilled, including bathrooms, restaurants, and furniture. We must also consider moisture and stain resistance Material.

5.Fire and high-temperature resistance

Smoking, use of matches, etc. in the guest rooms will cause damage to the furniture surface, severe fires, and even fires. It is necessary to have better fire and flame retardant effects.

6.Abrasion resistance

Guest rooms, restaurants, and meeting rooms are places where guests frequently enter. The furniture in these places must be considered wear-resistant and drop-resistant.

The above are the six principles that hotels pay attention to when buying furniture.

Finally, it is important to note that choosing a reliable luxury hotel furniture suppliers is also very important.

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