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Several styles of the hotel


Speaking of the hotel, everyone must be familiar with it in life, after all, traveling, traveling, setting up guests, etc. all need to stay in the hotel. Then the criteria for choosing a hotel must be considered and the decoration style, price, service, and other factors need to be considered. So what are the hotel decoration styles? What issues need to be paid attention to when decorating? Next, let me explain to you! I hope you can gain something from it!

1. There are several hotel decoration styles

a. Humanized design style

Because people in different countries and cities have different living habits, in order to live comfortably in a foreign country, the choice of hotel is very important. At this time, the decoration of the hotel should incorporate standard humanized functions into the design, or try to be as comprehensive as possible, so as to make the residents feel warm and feel at home is the best.

b. Chinese style

This requires the combination of local culture, including hotel decoration materials, furniture, lighting, art, etc., to integrate various fragmented materials, plus some of the hotel's proper rules, so that it can become a functional A hotel of equal value in terms of viewing.

c. Modern style

No matter what type of hotel, it is more appropriate to choose a modern way to decorate. At the same time, it should also be consistent with the positioning and type of hotel. For example, a resort hotel should highlight the characteristics of relaxation and leisure. If it is a business express hotel, the business atmosphere should be more intense. In fact, this is also convenient for hotel operation and management.

d. Theme design style

Themed hotels should be one of the most popular styles in recent years. Generally, designers will create one or more cultural themes as the mark, and then build the hotel's atmosphere around the theme and provide a special service place. This type of hotel is to a large extent able to satisfy all types of consumers.

2. What to pay attention to in hotel decoration

First of all, before designing a hotel, there should be an in-depth investigation of the market, such as hotel location, hotel size, grade, etc. These must be considered first. Only after the prerequisite work is done can we know what is in mind, so that we can carry out decoration and layout purposefully. Secondly, in terms of hotel decoration style, regardless of the size of the hotel or not, it should be as generous as possible, so that customers will not choose not to stay in your hotel. In addition, the lighting must be adequate, and the separation of the space must meet the requirements of different consumers. In the end, the necessary equipment in the hotel must be available, such as clothes racks, hairdryers, slippers, the internet, etc. These are all indispensable. Of course, if you want to improve the hotel's grade, the decoration standard should be closer to the star, so that it will attract a lot of customers. Therefore, it is also necessary to choose luxury hotel furniture suppliers.

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