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Regarding hotel furniture, you need to pay attention to these points


With the continuous and steady development of the economy, the hotel and tourism industry has made great progress in both "quantity" and "quality". The prosperity of the hotel industry has also led to and promoted the simultaneous promotion of hotel furniture. A complete hotel design work is inseparable from important elements such as hotel design style, coordinated furniture, and props. The designer advocates an integrated design concept. In addition to architectural space, interior modeling, and hotel lighting design, furniture also plays a very important role in it. Furniture divides, defines, and enriches the spatial relationship of the entire interior, and has indispensable functionality. At the same time, it is also the most effective decorative element in the space environment! The level of design and production of hotel furniture plays a vital role in the profitability of a hotel. So, what should be paid attention to when buying? From the professional and practical aspects, we list the following strategies for hotel furniture purchase.

You need to pay attention to these points about hotel furniture

1. Waterproof and moisture-proof: In hotels and apartment rooms, furniture and furniture are often damaged due to water and moisture. The pouring of tea, the moisture in the bathroom and the vapor in the bath and sauna, the contact with wet bath towels, the seasonal climate and humidity changes, etc., can cause the furniture edges to be exposed, peeled off, board deformation and expansion, cracks in the finish, foaming, Problems such as mildew, so the purchase of furniture should focus on its waterproof and moisture-proof functions;

2. Fire and high-temperature resistance: Ignited cigarettes, matches, etc. will cause damage to the surface of the furniture, which may even cause a fire. The fire and flame retardant properties of furniture cannot be ignored;

3. Abrasion resistance: Conventional appliances in the room, such as telephones, ashtrays, teacups, table lamps, flower pots, laptops, luggage, electric water heaters, etc., may rub against the surface of the furniture in daily use and cause scratches and affect The effective life of the furniture. The wear resistance of furniture panels is one of the important factors that determine the effective life of furniture;

4. Environmental protection: furniture materials: such as particleboard, fiberboard, glue, paint, etc., will release harmful gases to the human body. Hotel and apartment rooms are relatively closed. The gas that stimulates the eyes and nose will directly affect the occupancy rate of the rooms. The environmental protection of furniture has become an important factor for modern guests to choose hotel conditions;

5. Style, style and design: The style and style of furniture should be in harmony with the decoration style, avoiding simple decoration supporting luxury furniture, or luxury decoration supporting low-end furniture; Guangdong Yatai Hotel furniture senior soft designer recommends: furniture selection, should Considering the location of the hotel and apartment, the customer-facing group, the pricing of rooms, and investment restrictions, etc., the customer's preferences and consumption concepts should be the center, and the reasonable design and product style of the furniture should be used to make up for the lack of construction and decoration. Characteristics

6. One investment and value retention time: In order to ensure that the occupancy rate of the guests is not affected by the aging and damage of the furniture, in addition to considering the investment cost of the furniture, it should also consider the repeated cumulative investment of furniture during the decoration operation. Products that require repeated investment can also maintain good appearance quality and high performance-price ratio for a long time. At the same time, the warranty time given by the furniture company should be considered.

7. Artistic: The design of hotel room furniture will play a role in the overall image of the hotel, and the excellent design will also leave a good impression on customers. In the design of furniture, according to different types, the styling materials and colors of the furniture change accordingly. At the same time, in addition to the design, the quality of hotel room furniture is also an important aspect, so we must give it practicality and function. Sex should also let it have a noble aesthetic taste. The sophisticated design can complement the hotel room furniture and has also been enhanced in art appreciation.

8. Easy to clean: hotel room furniture is equivalent to one of the hotel's facade, so the cleaning of guest room furniture is necessary and especially critical. Hotel room furniture is the first impression after customers enter the room. We should pay attention not to wipe the furniture with coarse cloth and old clothes. Regular cleaning to prevent intrusion of dust is the best way to maintain hotel room furniture.

9. Practicality: From a practical point of view, the corners of guest room furniture are best to be obtuse or rounded, so that it will not cause harm to young and small guests; televisions should be equipped with The rotating partition because many guests need to adjust the TV angle when watching TV; the design of the socket must consider the use of mobile phone charging, which is often overlooked in many hotel room designs; the choice of bedside lamps should be careful, anti-glare; computer The layout of the Internet access line should be thoughtful, and the location of its socket should not be too far from the writing desk. In this way, the humane standard of hotel room furniture design can be achieved.

According to the white paper and material description of the furniture you need, and then master the above nine strategies, you can easily choose luxury hotel furniture suppliers and purchase advanced technology and reliable furniture.

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