Professional Hotel Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier

There are thousands of hotel furniture manufacturers in the market. Looking for the professional hotel furniture supplier is not a task to be taken lightly before investing and building a hotel. It is very important to choose a professional hotel furniture manufacturer. WHY??

Professional hotel furniture manufacturers can design and manufacture the furniture according to the spatial layout of the whole house in the time of customized furniture, so as to make full use of the limited space and improve the space utilization rate.

Why Harman can stand out from the numerous competitors?

What we have?

-Experienced team& Innovative design

As the guest’s needs change from time to time, those desires need to be reflected through the design. Harman excels at identifying innovations in the product design, and applying them successfully to meet our customers' needs. Only innovation can move toward a new path of sustainable. Harman Hotel Furniture designs and produces first-class hotel bedroom furniture with constantly innovation to stand out from the plentiful competitors.

-Efficient production line & advanced production equipment

We manufacture hotel furniture with the advanced production equipment imported from Italy, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan, which can assist your company with the best solutions of efficient production line in the shortest amount of time.

-Strict quality control

At Harman, all the quality inspectors are expert enough to master the most effective testing methods and know well about international quality standards. Our products are guaranteed to conform to the strictest standards. All our guestroom furniture are made of the superior materials and come in multiple designs to match customers' needs.

We go to great lengths to ensure end designs that speak of quality and we use only high-quality materials to ensure our products are long-lasting.

-Rich industry experience

Harman Home Furnishing Co. Ltd. cooperated with a series of well-known 5-star hotels such as Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, Marriott, W Hotel, ST Regis, Westing, Sheraton, etc.

From designing, manufacturing and on-site installation, Harman Home Furnishing Co. Ltd. has accomplished more than 1000 hotel furniture projects all over the world.

- Provides one-stop service

We provide the one-stop service, from initial planning to defining custom styles and designs, production, and finally delivering unique works to your door.

- Environmentally friendly

At Harman, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We see this as an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy and operation

Harman, a professional solution provider for hotel furniture, has been providing hotel furniture service and solution for years. You will be in good hands with HARMAN for discussing the options for your HOTEL.



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