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How to style a bedroom?

When it comes to design our ideal bedrooms with all the elements we want, many problems will be faced, and it is not an easy work. That’s why HARMAN, a professional hotel furniture manufacturer in China, comes in and comes up with some tips on how to style a bedroom you look for.

It goes without saying that the essence of the space can be affected by two factors: one is the whole design, the other is aesthetics. However, other elements, such as the materials, furniture accessories, are also of importance, which can create an atmosphere of serenity or well-being, bring us comfort and leisure.

Whether you’re going on a business trip, or travelling outside, a bedroom is a comfy and cozy place at the end of day, where we enjoy moments of intimacy, release fatigue, and have a good rest and nice sleep. As we all know, environment can affect people’s mood. The decorative elements can create environment and transmit atmosphere. For example, one of points to be considered is that a hotel should know what kind of hotel furniture should be equipped to build stylish, and comfortable rooms. As well as the furniture, the color of the wall, in addition to being the background, is also delivering the style.

When decorating a bedroom, it often starts with the bed. Choosing the proper headboard satisfies your style. Then you need to ensure that the same visual and aesthetic coherence should be taken into consideration.

What else does a hotel room need? Except the cozy bed, the following 8 necessary and basic components will be practical for a welcoming hotel guest room.


-Bedside tables

-Closet or Wardrobe

-A bench

-Chairs or Sofa

-Coffee table

-Full-length mirror

-A dresser

Once the basic furniture have been set, it's time to use your imagination with the decoration: lamps, clocks, and so on.

Then it is time to select the textile elements, such as curtains, rugs, bedlinen and cushions, which can serve as decoration, as well as report a change of season in rooms.

The biggest advantage for the hotels to choose custom furniture is that they can select their ideal styles to match the overall style of their hotel. If your guests like reading, building a reading area will be a great option. How good it is if guests keen in literature find that your hotel rooms have a corner of reading. At HARMAN, we can make the ideal style to cater to the demand. Likewise, customization means hotels can select the furniture materials as they like and need. No matter healthy and environmental-friendly materials, or waterproof and anti-staining materials, HARMAN can choose freely to meet their demands. The quality must be assured.

As a hotel bedroom furniture supplier, HARMAN is a solution provider of all bedroom styles. Contact us for further talk.



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