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How to design hotel furniture?
How to design hotel furniture?

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How to design hotel furniture? Hotel furniture design has two meanings: one is practicality, the other is comfort. In the design of the room, furniture is closely related to people's various themed activities, and the core concept of "people-oriented" design is embodied everywhere. Second, its decorative arts. Furniture is the main feature that reflects the atmosphere and performance of a hotel room. Good furniture not only makes people feel convenient and comfortable, but also gives people an aesthetic pleasure, gives people an overall visual feast, and makes people feel like they have entered another world. With the development trend of the times and the change of people's living habits, the hotel furniture design conforms to the development trend and the design is constantly improved.

Precise positioning of plastic art furniture in public places
To put it bluntly, handicraft furniture refers to the indoor air, in order to take into account everyone's aesthetics, it must be applied in the hotel furniture decoration design. The application of this type of furniture has become weaker, and the artistry has been relatively improved. Sometimes, placing a piece or a group of furniture in the indoor space of a hotel can produce a colorful and practical landscape effect, which is pleasing to the eye.

Prudent independent innovation is closely integrated with environmental protection
The designer should have sufficient work experience and professional knowledge. Ensure the best combination of specifications, fabrics, and materials to maximize the comfort of furniture (such as beds, cloth sofas, chairs, etc.). The comfort of the product is one of the key factors that put people first. The choice of materials is the first step. After selecting materials, we should consider how to use them. As different sales markets have different needs and preferences, the matching of materials is particularly important. For example, Italians like hard fabric sofas, and Italians like soft fabric sofas. Therefore, even the same cloth sofa, its original materials will be different. With the emergence of green ecological design, the environmental protection of materials has been paid more and more attention by everyone. HARMAN Hotel Furniture has taken the forefront in the design with high emphasis on humanistic feelings.

HARMAN Hotel Furniture brand has been operating in the hotel furniture industry for more than 20 years. It has provided hundreds of star hotels with guest rooms, suites and other supporting furniture, including beds, tables and chairs, sofas, etc., as a customized hotel furniture manufacturer for high-end hotel furniture. In the field of hotel furniture design, we have been committed to creating fashionable and comfortable furniture, so that every business traveler can enjoy a high-quality living experience. Through the manufacturing of high-quality hotel furniture, we contribute to the service quality of every star-rated hotel.



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