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How To Choose The Right Hotel Design Process?
How To Choose The Right Hotel Design Process?

The credible options for hotel design are subject to several factors, including but not limited to the market availability, the geographic location of the hotel project, budget, as well as the scale and category of hotel, etc. Every factor plays an important role in the process of hotel design. Today , we are going to claim how to choose the right hotel design process.

When it comes to consider hotel design process for your hotel project, have you ever thought that I should do it by myself or pay someone else? Here we’ve rounded up three options for design processes for your selection, which are Do It Yourself (DIY), Design Firm, and a new hybrid such as Harman ( What are the differences among them? Read this article along with Harman!

- Do It Yourself

You are responsible for producing the design when running the hotel project yourself. No matter it’s through your own work or a design firm, it’s best to get brand approval in the case of franchise. Beyond that, it’s a must to find suppliers, manufacturers and contractors, and let everyone finish the task on time. The choice of partners also need to be careful. After all, it’s unwise to cooperate with a hotel furniture manufacturer who is lack of inexperience, such as missed deadlines and unqualified products. After the careful research of each anticipant, you will go down to negotiation with them and finally figure out the best price you can get. Ultimately, you’ll act as a project manager commanding others until the project is finished.

There is some doubt about your individual workload, so why take so much trouble? The biggest advantage is that it can help you to save a lot of design costs. Furthermore, it’s technically free because it’s your time. Besides, It’s a good budget option if you are willing to contribute the extra hours. Finally, one point to be considered is that it's really important to keep in touch and report on the work process with each other!

- Design Firm

If you hire a design company for your project, it will be easier. You will work directly with the design company, which excludes direct negotiation with suppliers, manufacturers and contractors. Finding a design company to deal with the whole process may reduce workload for you, but may cost more.


Compared to the above options, coming up with a hybrid solution can save more efforts. Harman Furniture is known as an one of luxury hotel furniture supplier in China, integrating design, manufacture, and installation together. We are a solution provider of hotel room interior design and hotel exterior design. In detail, welcome to contact us!

As is stated above, it really matters to think about what kind of hotel design process will work best for you and your project before investing.



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