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How to choose good hotel furniture

First of all, the structure of hotel furniture must be strong. When choosing chairs and stools, you can draw a stroke on the matte paper and beat it. The crisp sound can indicate that the quality is better; if the sound is not good and there are noises, it means that the quality of the mortise joint is low and the structure is not strong.

Secondly, the composition and materials of hotel furniture need to have a range that meets the specifications. Different hotel furniture has different surface materials. For the supporting parts of cabinets, chairs, tables, choosing harder materials will be stronger and can bear heavyweight. Although the internal materials do not need to be too demanding, their durability must also be qualified and even must be treated with mothproofing.

Finally, the moisture content of hotel furniture cannot exceed 12%. In addition, it is important to test its water absorption. After the wooden hotel furniture absorbs water, colonies will grow and further oxidize, which will affect the use and reduce the life span.

In addition, choosing a well-known luxury hotel furniture suppliers is also very important

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