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Hotel room furniture list
Hotel room furniture list

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Speaking of the hotel room, most people would define it just as a place for resting, however, it is much more than that. It should be a home away from home which brings us comfort and leisure, a place always welcomes us, and a private space we can go back for relaxing and releasing pressure after long day work. The soul of a hotel is the rooms and the soul of the rooms is the furniture equipped that whether they can satisfy guests and bring extreme enjoyment. So we should have a hotel room furniture list for investors to choose from.

It’s essential for a hotel to know what kind of furniture should be equipped to build unique, stylish, and comfortable rooms. Every detail in the rooms should be taken into careful consideration to attract guests at the very beginning. The room is everything for them!

9 basic hotel room furniture list

What furniture does a hotel room need? Well, 9 necessary and basic components as follows will be helpful for a welcoming and comfortable hotel guest room.

1. A cozy bed

a cozy bed

The bed is absolutely the most important one in a hotel room and a place for people to rest and to sleep. It’s a disaster for both hotels and guests that if they have a bad experience with bed and sleeping.

Remember, the comfort of a mattress is much more important than the decoration in a room. Thus, a high-quality mattress is required to let your guests feel easy and cared for. There are various types of beds for choosing on the market. Different materials and different types can give a different sleeping experience.

Wood is a safe option if you don’t know how to select and bothered by the interior decoration. If you want to make bed do double duty then you can select functional beds such as storage beds, wall beds, or sofa-beds.

2. Bedding

All the bedding can not be ignored after selecting a comfortable bed. Those bedding add the aesthetic and comfort for the whole bed and sometimes can bring unexpected experience and surprise for guests. Pillows, sheets, comforter, coverlets, duvet are all you need to consider.

3. Bedside tables

The bedside tables are functional for guests to drop their small items such as phones, books, glasses. Besides, it’s conspicuous enough for guests that they won’t forget to grab at hand when they leave. It’s much intimate and caring if you put local magazines and maps at bedside tables which can leave an extra good impression for them.

4. A bench

A lot of hotel guest rooms have overlooked this small piece of furniture which placed at the end of the bed. A bench can provide an extra place for guests to sit and rest, to put a suitcase or to take off and put on shoes. Therefore, a bench is helpful if your hotel space and budget allow.

5. Chairs or Sofa

Chairs or sofa are necessary for guests to sit and relax. Imagine that guests recline on the sofa to read with a drink, how leisure the moment is! What’s more, guests can put their personal things on the chairs and sofa so everything won’t be messed up.

6. Closet or Wardrobe

Every guest will appreciate that if the hotel room provides a closet and hanging rack. The closet adds extra space for storage and also guests can hang their clothes there which is super convenient. If the guests have a formal occasion in the town, the more clothing storage, the better!

7. Coffee table

Coffee table

It’s always pleased for guests to feel a console table with kettle, cups, coffee pods, and teabags at a room. With several books nearby, it’s a good place to invite your guest to sit down and release the exhaustion with a hot beverage. Besides, the table is an invaluable part of hotel room furniture to offer a great place for people to unpack.

8. Full-length mirror

Who can deny the significance of a full-length mirror? It’s an obvious necessity for guests to dress up. Bonus points if your mirror includes clothing hooks for hats, coats, bags, or ties.

9. A dresser

A dresser is an essential place for guests to drop their personal belongings and to make up. How bad it is if guests find that your hotel rooms don’t have a dresser! Making up to look good is everything in life for both men and women to go out, to take part in an event, and to travel. So don’t miss to equip it in your hotel room!

It’s true for a hotel to provide service from the aspects of benefits, but treating guests like your family and bringing them home care won’t be wrong. To equip your hotel room with comfort, convenience, leisure, and enjoyment as guests wanted, your hotel room will definitely stand out!

As a luxury hotel furniture supplier, We hope this hotel room furniture list can help you.


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