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According to the material classification, the furniture on the market can be divided into: solid wood furniture, panel furniture, software furniture, glass metal furniture. The difference in furniture materials also determines their own characteristics and differences. With the improvement of people's health concept, solid wood furniture has become the furniture material of choice for more people.

The choice of furniture directly affects the life of the furniture. For hotels of this commercial nature, it is even more sloppy when buying furniture. Not only must it have a style, but it must also consider its cost performance. For the purchase of hotel furniture, Harman Home gives you a few suggestions for purchasing solid wood furniture:
1. The composition and materials of hotel furniture need to have a scope that conforms to the specifications. Different hotel furniture and surface materials are also different. For supporting parts such as cabinets, chairs, and tables, choosing a harder material will be stronger and can withstand very heavy weight. Fanmu designers make full use of ergonomic principles to determine the proportion of furniture according to the human skeletal system and human scale. They will carefully consider the details of the home's design angle, wood grain direction, gap size, balance and touch. Although the internal material does not need to be too demanding, its durability must also be qualified, and it must even be subjected to anti-rust treatment. Worm eyes were found before hotel furniture purchase, which was caused by problems with the material drying process.
2.The moisture content of hotel furniture cannot exceed 12%. It is also important to test for water absorption, especially in southern cities. After absorbing water, wooden hotel furniture will breed colonies and further oxidize, which will affect the use and reduce life.
3. The structure of hotel furniture must be solid. When selecting chairs and stools, you can make a stroke on the matte paper, and the sound is crisp, which means that the quality is good; if the sound is not good and there is noise, it means that the quality of the mortise is low, and the structure is not strong.
The designers of Harman Home need to understand the different woods and use them to make different furniture through their different textures, colors, hardness and shrinkage. Harman furniture inherits the traditional Chinese tenon-and-mortise technique, and uses modern aesthetic concepts to interpret the essence of oriental aesthetics, ensuring that each piece of work becomes an art treasure that can be collected.

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