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Hotel furniture custom production process
Hotel furniture custom production process

First, determine the size: according to the actual space, you must verify the size clearly, this is the most error-prone part of custom furniture. If the construction has not been completed, it can only be determined according to the CAD drawings; if during the construction process or the hard installation has been completed, you must go to the site to verify the specific size.
Second, describe the details: Julong furniture designer's furniture is planned according to many details, such as what color should be used for gold foil, how thick and deep should the carved lines be, what kind of wood is used, closed paint or open paint, etc. A lot of details must be described in detail when placing an order, so that later ordering will be more effective.
Third, confirm the proof: In general, the furniture involved in the design of the soft decoration needs to be carried out by the furniture factory, design proofs, and make proofs. The designer of the soft outfit must carry out strict confirmation, including size, material, color and shape, etc. It is better to make a confirmation to the customer.
Fourth, order and follow-up: After placing the order to the furniture factory, someone must verify the order every few days to avoid unnecessary losses.
Fifth, receiving inspection: the receiving must require the factory to package the product in a very safe place, and carefully check the details again when receiving the goods.

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