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Hotel electric table and chairs maintenance and purchase method


The maintenance of furniture has always been a concern for friends. This article introduces the methods of selecting and maintaining furniture for hotel furniture and chairs.
A good chair should meet the user's body size, such as height, sitting height, thigh length, etc. The back of the chair should not be too straight, because the back is mainly used to support the back (spine), and the shape of the spine has several physiological curvatures, Sitting on a back-to-back chair for too long can easily cause backache and back pain. Please follow Harman furniture designers for details. Please follow the maintenance recommendations of the luxury hotel furniture suppliers.

When you buy a hotel chair, you should pay more attention to the comfort of the chair. When buying a hotel chair, you may wish to make the following basic judgments: the chair should be appropriate in height and the feet cannot be suspended. In addition, try sitting on a chair to ensure that the waist is vertical, the calf is perpendicular to the ground and thighs, and the thigh is at a 90-degree angle. This chair is most comfortable to sit in. Hotel dining chairs are more prone to contact with oil than other chairs, so it is usually necessary to wipe them frequently to avoid the accumulation of oil stains. Hotel chairs with more creases or patterns pay more attention to details when cleaning and maintaining. You can use a chair cover to protect the chair, which is more convenient for cleaning and prolongs the service life of the hotel chair. Do not shake the hotel chair at will or tilt the chair into two feet to support it. Improper use will damage the original structure.

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