Professional Hotel Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier
Harman: Hotel Furniture Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter In China
Harman: Hotel Furniture Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter In China

Successful hotels and restaurants have invested a lot of money in the interior decoration of their venues. One of the main driving forces is to ensure that comfortable furniture is used to make up for space. But it doesn't mean boring and rigid accessories. When choosing furniture for hotels and restaurants, it is necessary to combine elegance and practicality perfectly. This is where Hotel Furniture Customization comes in. It can transform your interior decoration from conventional and ordinary to a design feast. So it is very important to choose a hotel furniture supplier. Professional hotel furniture manufacturers can design and manufacture the furniture according to the spatial layout of the whole house in the time of customized furniture, so as to make full use of the limited space and improve the space utilization rate.

Harman: Hotel Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier

Harman is a supplier of many luxury hotel furniture and boutique hotel furniture, such as Marriott, Hilton, Hampton Inn, and so on.

Use high quality hotel room furniture to ensure that guests feel comfortable and at home. If you are looking for a turn-key hotel furniture manufacturer looking for hotel furniture for sale, select "Harman". Although there are many hotel furniture suppliers to choose from, we are proud to offer the widest range of hotel furniture at unparalleled prices! As a luxury hotel furniture supplier, We have a large collection of furniture, including beds, headboards, bedside cabinets, media cabinets, desks, mirrors, and many other objects.

Browse our other hotel furniture products, such as room accessories, to provide guests with an ideal space for relaxation and relaxation.

What we do

Turn-key service

A provides a variety of exquisite and durable hotel furniture. Whether you are upgrading your bedroom, renovating the hotel reception desk, or managing the complete FF & E renovation of the hotel, we have products and services to help you make the project go smoothly.

We provide a one-stop service, from initial planning to defining custom styles and designs, production, and finally delivering unique works to your door.

Custom design

We have an experienced team of in-house product designers who will develop CAD drawings to help you realize your design vision.

As a Harman hotel furniture customer, you will enjoy many advantages of dealing directly with experts, including design expertise, cost-saving and delivery time reduction.

Harman manufactures and supplies hotel furniture products

As a professional hotel furniture manufacturer, Harman offers the following common products as well as various customized products.

1. Hotel side table

hotel side table

There are many kinds of bedside table in the hotel. The excellent design of the bedside table and the price of durable furniture are competitive. We are a leading supplier of hotel furniture and are well known for providing the best quality hotel bedside cabinets, and guarantee to meet the parameters of quality, surface treatment, and lasting luster.

2. Hotel bed

hotel bed

In order to provide comfortable sleep and unforgettable accommodation, the hotel bed plays an important role in attracting customers. We always use advanced tools to achieve precise surface treatment and elegant appearance. For a modern hotel look and a charming bed. Select high-quality timber from reputable suppliers to design exquisite hotel bedroom furniture.

3. Hotel wardrobe


Wardrobes with hotel closets are affordable and available under the roof of our famous "hotel restaurant furniture" company. The quality, luster, durability and long life of wood are fully considered. The wardrobe of a designer hotel can also be provided on request.

4. Bedroom Hotel


Today, the hotel bedroom bench has become an indispensable part of the hotel room, and can not be denied. Our team of experts always design according to the requirements of our respected customers. Various designs are also available. The team of experts uses the latest technology and equipment to meet modern market trends.

5. Hotel rooms

hotel rooms

In order to relax and sit comfortably, the chairs in hotel rooms have become the necessities of every hotel room and put forward the demand for maximum comfort. "Hotel dining room furniture" should be made with them in mind that relaxation and ideal are to provide support for the back and waist.

6. Hotel learning table

hotel learning table

We are a leading hotel furniture manufacturer, ranking the top five in the furniture industry. Our team of experts works hard to meet the standards and has customized learning tables for the hotel according to the requirements of our respected customers. There are a variety of varieties to be appreciated by customers.

7. Sofa Hotel

sofa hotel

We produce hotel sofa furniture with the best quality of wood, fabric, and technology for our respected customers. We will consider a team of experts, the latest machines and technologies to meet customer requirements.

8. Hotel luggage rack

Hotel luggage rack

"Harman" expert team has the art of using the best quality wood to make hotel luggage rack, and the price is reasonable, occupying a small space. A variety of colors and varieties to choose from, our new customers will certainly like.

9. Hotel table

hotel table

People need a table that is proficient in wooden utensils and has a smooth appearance. Our team of experts always meet customer expectations within the expected time. There are many kinds of dining tables in the hotel.

10. Hotel dining chair

Hotel dining chair

"Hotel dining room furniture" makes hotel dining chairs very popular, and increases the demand for various hotels, restaurants, canteens and food squares. A variety of products make our company satisfied and can provide a ladder for success.

11. Hotel bar furniture

Hotel bar furniture

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of bar furniture in China. Distinguished customers appreciate the unique design and a wide range of products, and our expert team has customized them according to their needs.

12. Hotel outdoor furniture

Hotel outdoor furniture

There is a lot of outdoor furniture, we are dealing with various types, such as an outdoor table, outdoor chair, outdoor sofa, outdoor dining chair, outdoor dining chair, outdoor furniture cover, etc. Our professional team even customizes them according to their needs.

13. Hotel console table

Hotel console table

The Quality Hotel console table is made of high quality wood, beautiful, radiant, easy to clean, no sharp edges, and guaranteed durability and long life, which we can get at the lowest cost.

14. Hotel coffee table

hotel coffee table

We are the leading hotel furniture manufacturer in China and our customers are always satisfied with our work. Our hotel coffee table has a beautiful appearance and adds beauty to the surrounding environment. There are many kinds of these products, and the charging standard is designed.

15. Hotel frames

hotel frames

The hotel mirror frame made of "hotel restaurant furniture" looks like a five-star hotel. It's easy to install custom cutting mirrors on the wallboard. Mirrors have been used in hotels for decades. We are a leading supplier and manufacturer of hotel mirror frames. You can contact us to buy them at an affordable price.


As a Chinese turn-key hotel furniture manufacturer, Harman is the designated supplier of various luxury hotels. If you are looking for a professional hotel furniture supplier, please contact us now.

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