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How to design the perfect guest room? First of all, we need to realize the important features of guest room interior design.

Whether you are traveling for leisure, or going for a business, it goes without saying that all guests long for the quality, comfy guest bedroom design in a place to stay. Before guests set foot in your guest rooms, normally, they will browse the photos and reviews of your properties online which can make the first impression on the hotel. It is also the marketing strategy for your hotel. Therefore, why not consider investing in the guestroom design? Okay, let's go back to the point of the important features of guest room interior design before making the investment.

If your guest rooms are in poor design, the customer experience is poor. Becoming a brand hotel is one of the goals to stand out from the numerous competitors. When booking the specific brand hotel, the guests already receive a design standard with good reputation. So, at first, we need to have a signature brand design researched by the brand teams pinpointing the needs of ideal clientele. One thing to note is that the guest’s need change from time to time and those desires need to be reflected through the interior design. And this include:

  • Technological needs, such as Bluetooth, Wifi, GooglePlay, AppleTV.
  • Guest room layouts
  • Health advancements, like antimicrobial surfaces or sealants.
  • Lighting for better aid in sleep patterns.
  • Design features, and more.

In addition, here are three important areas need to pay attention to within the guest room:

  1. Lighting- As lighting can influence the customer experience, having the balance between the outdoor natural lighting and indoor ambient lighting is significant. Lighting can give the illusion of a larger space or smaller space.
  2. Flooring- The flooring grounds the design. But it is also time-consuming for cleaning staff to clean. Due to COVID-19, LVT and Carpet Tiles with built-in antimicrobial features would be a better commendation, which clean easily and replace.
  3. Signature Accent or Feature- Every guest room should have a signature accent or feature, which is your brand’s personality different from the competitor.

Harman Hotel Furniture is a high end hotel furniture manufacturer, the luxury hotel furniture supplier in China. With years of experience, we are expert in the guest room design and understand what is important to take into account during renovations and new builds.

Embracing the opportunity to delight the guests with more guestroom interior design with HARMAN!




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