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Functional design requirements for hotel custom furniture
Functional design requirements for hotel custom furniture

Hotel furniture is the hardware foundation of any hotel. It can even intuitively reflect the comprehensive conditions and strength of the hotel. It can also give customers the first impression of the hotel.

1. Hotel furniture appearance and aesthetic function

The appearance of the hotel furniture will be displayed directly in front of the user. It is an intuitive expression of function and structure. Differences in people's education levels will cause cultural differences, as well as differences in regions, ages, genders, races, and religious beliefs. There will be different psychological needs for homes, which requires designers to consider different psychological differences of people when designing and design different types of hotel furniture for different consumer groups.
The beauty of the appearance of the hotel furniture depends on its structure, especially the external structure, but there is no corresponding relationship between the appearance form and the structure of the furniture. There is a greater degree of freedom in the appearance form, and the combination of space has considerable Selective, Formal Appearance The furniture of various forms can be expressed by the same product structure. Formal beauty, as an important factor of aesthetics, has played an important role in modern home design. The external form of furniture, as an external expression of function, also has a cognitive function. Therefore, it has information transmission and symbolic meaning, which creates a certain mood. The atmosphere forms a certain artistic effect and gives people a beautiful enjoyment. The appearance quality is the basic requirements for a flat furniture table, novel decoration, clear and beautiful texture, and comfortable and generous. Different substrates and decorative materials also have different material characteristics. If you do not pay attention to the characteristics of the material and the correct use method, you will Lead to the warpage and even deformation of the board. The structural characteristics of the covering material on the back and front of the board must be the same or similar, and the materials selected should be the same batch as much as possible. In the factory workshop, the time of loading and pressing should be shortened as much as possible. Different material characteristics and moisture content of different covering materials. Pay attention to different coating thickness, press time, and pressure.

2. Structural performance of hotel furniture

The structure of hotel furniture refers to a certain combination and connection between the materials and components used. It is a structural form based on certain functions. It includes the internal structure and external structure of the furniture. The internal structure refers to a certain combination of furniture parts and components, and it depends on the change of the material, such as the traditional tenon and the hardware connection methods of modern panel furniture. Inner structure. The external structure of the hotel furniture is in direct contact with the user. It is a direct reflection of the appearance. Therefore, it must adapt to the user in terms of scale, proportion, and shape. This is called ergonomics, such as the height of the seat surface. A chair with proper depth, back, and inclination angle can relieve people's fatigue; while storage furniture should be convenient for users to store and access items, it should be compatible with the size of the items stored. Furniture can be used for a long time, but the service life of each piece of furniture is different because this is closely related to their main function. Durability is often regarded by people as the only manifestation of quality. The quality of furniture and the perfect embodiment of each goal in the design are closely related. The furniture is very solid and reliable, but its appearance is very ugly. For example, it is extremely uncomfortable to sit on it. A chair is strong and not a high-quality product.

3. Material cost of hotel furniture production

In addition to the basic requirements of function, aesthetics, and technology, hotel furniture design is also closely related to materials. Furniture is made from a variety of materials through a series of technical processes. Materials are the material basis of furniture. Designers It must be based on the interests of consumers, and on the premise of ensuring quality, research on the correct selection of materials and simplification of structure, reduce unnecessary labor and extend the service life of products to make them easier to transport, repair and recycle, etc. The production costs of production enterprises and the use of costs of consumers are to achieve high quality and low prices, so as to bring benefits to users and ultimately create benefits for enterprises. The factory can fully understand the designer's intentions during production, meet various performance indicators, and use materials that are suitable for costs as much as possible to rationally increase the material utilization rate. For a large number of furniture in the guest room and many parts, try to use the computer to reasonably arrange the materials, and use the large and small materials in a comprehensive way to reduce the cost of materials. When designing hotel furniture, we must combine product structure, performance, comfort, etc., while meeting customer needs, we need to consider the type, performance, specifications, and source of raw materials, and how to use materials in a reasonable way so that design and production complement each other.

4. Safety performance of hotel furniture

Safety performance is the primary factor for hotel furniture. Although general hotels do not have clear regulations on free formaldehyde, fire prevention requirements for furniture are more important in this specific place in the hotel. For example, some parts of hotel furniture can use fire prevention panels, Hot paint, flame retardant fabrics, etc., some high-end hotels even require that the wood used to make furniture must be fire treated and have relevant safety certifications. In addition to the fire protection of the hotel furniture and the prevention of radioactive substances from exceeding the standard, the design of furniture for special groups also requires the overall structure of the furniture to be stable, the appropriate height of the furniture, the treatment of edges and corners, not easy to overturn after placement, practical functions, less use of glass and other dangers Materials and small accessories on furniture cannot be taken into consideration.

5. Comfort of hotel furniture products

The texture and texture of the material determine the special feeling of the appearance and quality of the product. The aesthetics of the product are often reflected by novelty and simplicity, rather than relying on too much decoration to become a beautiful thing. In order to ensure the comfort of the skin, the hotel The materials used in the production and decoration of furniture are very important. People will have different tactile sensations and different standards of comfort because of the different properties or characteristics of the materials. Improving comfort also depends on the specific uses and furniture of the interior space. Factors such as its main role. The user needs that the indoor space and furniture can be effectively used, can achieve the intended purpose, and conform to the human body structure, which makes people feel comfortable. The understanding and application of ergonomics, including basic human data, human motion domains, and human psychological measurement, make the space, furniture, and articles in the indoor environment more consistent with the human operation and usage habits. Objects should be easily accessible and accessible by hand. The storage space should be proportional to the size of the human body; when designing for unknown users, the size of the shorter person should be used. The use of ergonomic dimensions in the indoor environment also provides a guarantee for the convenience and comfort of special groups (elderly, children, disabled) in the behavioral activities of the indoor environment. In real life, many indoor environments are designed to so-called "normal people" standards. Such a design makes it difficult for children, the elderly, the sick, or the disabled to feel comfortable. And through the research and application of ergonomics, the indoor environment is more suitable for the use of special people.

6. Hotel furniture production capacity

The materials used to produce hotel furniture are basically the same. How to improve production performance and production efficiency at the same material cost is very important. This is also one of the important factors for hotel furniture customization. Luxury hotel furniture suppliers will have A set of internal production standard processes and procedures. The result of the workshop planning must meet the design capacity requirements. To meet this requirement, there must be sufficient hardware facilities such as machine positions, operating positions, storage spaces for semi-finished products, turntables, and material temporary storage areas. When the workshop is divided, the total design capacity should be allocated according to the processing capacity to ensure that the sum of the capacity of each process meets the requirements. Process balance means that the number of semi-finished products produced in each workshop is supporting during the installation link, or that when the production of a unit quantity of products is completed, each process has the same production capacity. In the same production capacity, the number of employees, the number of equipment, the area occupied by the workbench, and the workspace requirements are different in different processes. Process balance is an important principle that should be observed when dividing the workshop.
In addition to the customization of hotel furniture, in addition to the above points, factors such as transportation, installation, after-sale, and regular maintenance of the product, such as damage during handling, transportation, and installation, must be considered. It is convenient for the production enterprise to do regular maintenance work in the later period and prolong the service life of the furniture.

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