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Top 8 Ideal Materials for Custom Hotel Furniture
Top 8 Ideal Materials for Custom Hotel Furniture

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No matter for the luxury hotel furniture suppliers or hotels, materials are always necessary and essential for both sides to take into consideration. The scientific nature of furniture design requires the most ideal material to show its function and aesthetic to meet customers’ different needs.

Furniture materials are highly related to the functions, forms, practicality, budgets, and the hotel styles, as a result, for the custom made hotels, they have to consider all these factors before choosing the ideal materials. Actually, the selection of furniture materials is more and more diversified and integrated for the modern hotel industry so the combination of the main material and auxiliary material is needed. As for how to choose the ideal materials, the furniture manufacturer will give you a suggestion from the following aspects.

The Main Materials for Custom Hotel Furniture

1. Wood


Wood (hardwood/solid wood) is the traditional and fundamental material in the furniture industry and continues to be the popular choice for hotels. Usually, the wooden sources come from teak, pine, cedar, and oak and give off the advantages of low-maintenance, anti-rotten, and anti-deterioration. The wooden material is the classic choice for small furniture items such as table legs. The demerit of wood comes from its decreasing resources in nature which causes its higher price than other materials. But wooden material furniture is still welcome in luxury hotels.

2. Metal

In hotel furniture, we can also see a lot of metallic elements such as aluminum, iron, and stainless steel.

Aluminum material is super popular in the modern style of furniture use and can be used for both interior and exterior furniture. Aluminum material has many benefits such as its properties of lightweight, easy for cleaning, waterproof, and heatproof. Besides, hotels can combine aluminium material with other materials to create luxury and minimalist style.

Stainless steel material is usually involved in other materials in furniture like cabinet legs to make furniture more durable and long-lasting.

Wrought iron is getting wide used nowadays especially for the outdoor furniture which provides classy feels for customers. Likewise, it adds the durability for furniture and it’s a good choice to be used as outdoor furniture due to its heaviness.

3. Marble


Marble is widely used in the furniture industry to be utilized as panels cover or surface for dining tables, cabinets, tiles, and console tables. The marble material is a kind of stunning stone in nature that can give a sense of nobleness and glamour. Besides, it also contributes to the beauty of furniture because of its unique texture from the aesthetic perspective. What’s more, the marble furniture can reflect lights that can light up hotel space than other materials which means luxury and comfort.

4. Veneer

The veneer material is the slice of tree block and normally used to match with MDF material as the latter one does not have a beautiful appearance than natural wood. By adding veneer, the MDF or any engineered woods can have a natural appearance. In luxury hotels, furniture designers usually change specific colors on the veneer to make a unique appearance to attract customers. Moreover, veneer material makes hotel furniture durable due to its water absorption resistance.

5. Wicker

From the perspective of eco-friendly, the wicker materials such as bamboo and rattan are ideal and usually paired with Asian minimalist decor style. On other hand, the rattan-inspired furniture can form a unique style for hotels and attract specific customers.

6. MDF(fiberboard)

MDF(fiberboard)The MDF material refers to medium density fiberboard, which is a kind of engineered wood combined with chipboard and poly wood. The MDF material is an alternative for the hardwood material in furniture manufacturing. The quality of MDF material highly depends on the technology used and because of advanced technology the MDF usually has better performance than natural wood. Besides, the flexibility of MDF material has gained more markets than natural wood due to its customization availability in size and strength. In addition, the other reason for its occupy on markets is that MDF materials are cheaper than natural woods.

7. Moulded Plastics

The furniture’s durability is always the main factor for hotels to consider. Because many materials like woods can be damaged easily in wet or hot conditions, so the other durable and strong materials are more ideal for hotels and become more and more popular. The molded plastics or polypropylene is the best alternative due to its anti-corrosion, fade-resistant, waterproof, strong, and durable properties.

8. Upholstery


The upholstery means soft covering such as fiber or leather on hotel armchairs, sofas, and headboards. In fact, it’s an ideal solution for any furniture’s surface and can result in soft and tender interaction with humans to bring comfort and a special style.

Those suggested 8 types of materials are common in the furniture manufacturing industry and have their own advantages and disadvantages. Based on hotel styles, budgets, functions, and forms, you can choose your best furniture material solution to meet your requirements.

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