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Choice of hotel mattresses


For the importance of hotel mattresses, normally, people spend about 1/3 of their life in bed, so how should we choose a good mattress? The prerequisite for choosing a high-quality mattress is to choose luxury hotel furniture suppliers.

What kind of mattress cannot be chosen?

Do not choose soft like clouds. When sleeping, no matter what posture, the muscles around the spine will exert force to support the body, and the too-soft material will make the spine insufficiently supported, which will cause back pain when awake.

Don't choose a hard slate mattress. When you sleep on a hard mattress, some prominent parts of the body will bear all the pressure of the body, which will affect the blood circulation in these parts, cause a frequent turnover, and greatly affect the quality of sleep.

So what kind of mattress to choose?

Not soft or hard, with sufficient support.

Avoid too soft sponges or too hard mattresses, softness is moderate. In fact, the mattresses on the market now basically have a soft and hard index. Between 5 and 8 levels, it may be a better choice. Of course, each brand may have some deviations, and it is better to actually contact them.

The so-called sufficient support refers to the balance and support for the spine. Regardless of whether you are lying on your side or on your back, if you can balance your body weight to support your body weight, it is very good, especially for the relatively fragile waist, which needs to be supported.

How to choose a good mattress?

1.Is it comfortable to touch the mattress?

Buying a mattress is not like buying clothes. You change it in one or two years, so comfort is still important. After all, for ten or twenty years, he may follow you.

2. Is there any irritating smell in the liner?

Unzip the inner container and check if it smells pungent. Trust me, you never want to sleep on a mattress with a strange smell. The most direct means of inspection is to request a Chinese environmental label certification. Of course, there is no mattress with 0 formaldehyde content, but as long as it is lower than the national standard, you can use it with confidence.

3. Lie down to see if it fits your body

If you have the conditions, you still have to go to the physical store to feel it for yourself. Lie down for 10 minutes and feel whether the whole body is lifted up and the mattress resilience is OK. That is him.

If it is a double bed mattress, two people need to lie down, one person turns over, and the other person is better if they don't feel the shaking of the mattress.

4. See certification

In addition to China's environmental label certification, there are also some certification marks that deserve attention. For example, ICA is a mark that meets the certification standards of the International Society of Spinal Neuroscience.


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