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Chinese furniture, unparalleled beauty


Chinese furniture

Many high-end clubs or star-level hotels, even chain hotels, guesthouses, and other places, mostly use Chinese-style rooms and hotel furniture. On the one hand, they are stable and strong. On the other hand, the high-end has oriental flavor, and then there is health and practicality. The guest experience is high, and the hotel's reputation and development will naturally increase. Today's hotel industry, PK is the quality and service, the lack of one of the two is concessions to competitors. However, most Chinese people have awe of traditional oriental culture, and the Chinese elements of hotel rooms convey a cultural experience. Harman, as a luxury hotel furniture supplier will share the Chinese layout of some Chinese hotel rooms, let us experience the beauty of traditional elements together!

The outline of the Chinese style makes the overall frame of the guest room clean, neat, and capable, and simple but not vulgar. In the layout of Chinese-style hotel furniture, the bed head adopts a multifunctional integrated design, and the backboard can be used as both a background wall and a headboard. With the same color Chinese bedside table and TV cabinet, the TV cabinet uses the traditional Chinese pattern of crutches, symmetrical personality, giving a visual artistic sense!

If you are staying in a hotel room like this, you really want to give a great compliment to the delicate businessmen. It feels like you can layout the rooms into a home. You really think about the design from the perspective of the residents. It can be said to be fully functional. The layout of the hotel's furniture uses new Chinese style furniture, which not only meets basic sleep needs but also designs new Chinese sofas and dining tables in fabrics. Guests can meet customers and friends in the guest rooms and have dinner. In addition, there is a separate office area to meet the business travel needs of business guests.

This kind of log color design of the garden and garden home really makes Xiaobian love unforgettable. It may be because of the hustle and bustle of the city and the yearning for the tranquility of the garden. Using this kind of hotel furniture can make people feel physically and mentally happy, letting down the fatigue, it seems that breathing has become smoother and easier, this is the Zen mood! Canopy bed, as one of the most representative traditional furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasty, has a sense of crossing. Being in such a hotel room is like walking into a paradise, putting down the dust, and enjoying a moment of invincibility!


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