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Best Dining Chairs of 2020
Best Dining Chairs of 2020

The best dining chair really matters! A stylish and good design dining chair can make or break your hotel dining room. You need to consider the style, comfort, and function of dining chairs and select the right one to set with your dining table. Whether a mixed and eclectic look or a uniform set look, all depends on your choices. As a luxury hotel furniture supplier, here we will give you tips to help you choose the ideal dining chairs from styles, materials, and designs.

Best Dining Chairs of 2020

Dining Chair designs

Basically, there are four common types of chair designs and other specific designs are subdivided from them. The four common types are Arm Chairs, Side Chairs, Folding Chairs, Parsons Chairs.

1. Arm Chairs

Arm chairs differentiate their side supports for a person’s arms from others. As its name called, it features armrests. It is super common to be found at the head and foot of a dining table and it’s your preference to decide whether it’s a part of matching furniture or stand apart as unique.

Normally, the armchairs can be made of various materials from wood, plastic, wicker, upholstered to leather.

2. Side Chairs

Side Chairs

Side chairs refer to chairs place alongside a dining table without armrests in a formal dining setting. However, in a casual setting, it can be placed at the entire table including the head or foot of a dining table. Similar to the armchairs, it features different materials from wood, plastic, wicker, upholstered to leather.

3. Folding Chairs

As its name called, folding chairs’ function is that they can be folded to save space when they are not in use. They are typically utilized in large banquets or as spare side chairs when additional seating is required in the dining room. Typically made of wood and metal materials.

4. Parsons Chairs

Fully upholstered dining chairs with tall, straight backs and armless design are called Parsons chairs. They can be placed alongside a dining table or at the head and foot of a table. Their styles are versatile with beauty and comfort and their upholstery can vary from linen, leather to fabric.

Dining Chair Materials

A variety of materials can be utilized in dining chairs construction which can have a huge impact upon the chair functionality and comfort as well as design and style. A dining chair is mainly composed of two parts, the main material, and the upholstery material. And combine the two together usually can create a modern and chic look to match your style. The following are the most popular main and upholstery materials for different types of chairs.

5. Wood

Simple wooden dining chairs without complicated upholstery can offer a classic look and beauty. Normally these chairs come in different chair-back styles from ladder-back, Windsor to slat-back. Besides, they probably are the most versatile dining chair option available.

6. Metal

Modern look chairs usually adopt metal materials and make it different from the traditional chairs. This contemporary chair is durable and the painted finishes can vary from bold colors to polished neutrals. Metal chairs have some extra benefits from indoor dining to outdoor events compared with other chairs from the aspects of water-resistance, anti-corrosion, and easy for cleaning.

7. Leather

Leather material always gives a feeling of luxury and chic. Whether faux or genuine leather, they both are the ideal option for an upscale casual dining event. Paired with either wooden or metal frames, they are also versatile in styles and designs.

8. Upholstery

Upholstered dining chairs can offer both comfort and style in any dining space. An upholstered chair can have its seat with a cushion and back covered with fabric, leather, or velvet materials.

Dining Chairs Styles

9. Classic style

Classic style usually refers to the chair is made of a wooden frame, upholstered in black leather and a saber leg.

10. Country farmhouse style

Wooden dining chairs will be the right choice if your hotel dining room style leans a countryside style. Wooden, wicker, and whitewashed metal frames are the perfect selection for the chair foundation.

11. Modern styles

With high-quality craftsmanship and fashion-forward design, modern style chairs can have different choices from materials to designs with a comfortable cushion.

12. Cottage charm styles

Vintage-inspired dining chairs are suitable for the cottage-charm style and offer a quaint and elegant atmosphere. The wooden frame, plush upholstery, and subtle design make this kind of dining chair having classic comfort.

Of course, there are many other designs and styles for dining chairs, the only principle is that select the one can match with your hotel overall style, dining room style, and dining table. Once make sure your styles, then try to select the dining chair materials and designs and other details.

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