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3 Important Suggestions for Buying Hospitality Furniture
3 Important Suggestions for Buying Hospitality Furniture

With the ongoing proliferation of boutique hotel chains, the competition between those hotels becomes much intenser than the past. Hotels need to innovate by their services and facilities to attract more customers to win the market. Within the hospitality industry, furniture envy has become a new concept and every hotel furniture buyer must spend a lot of time studying it. For the newbies in this industry, how to buy the best hotel furniture fitting into their hotels is crucial for them to start their business.

1. Know the Hospitality Furniture Manufacturer

Know the Hospitality Furniture Manufacturer

Hospitality furniture buyers usually daunt how to start to look for furniture because there are various furniture vendors, suppliers, and agents in the market. Those intermediary sellers are not the origins so if hotel furniture buyers want to get the best products and save cost, it’s better to choose reputed hotel furniture manufacturers because they produce furniture from the very beginning to the end and they know all the details.

For some custom furniture manufacturers, you can even send your draft and design concepts and tell them your requirements and then they provide the finished product to you to check. You can even visit their factories and inspect the quality of furniture and the whole process which can prevent some unknown flaws happening than you get products from furniture intermediaries.

Contact with the manufacturing hub and real-time monitor the production progress. This step helps you save time and money and constantly ensure the best quality of products.

2. Know the Hospitality Furniture Material

Know the Hospitality Furniture Material


First is the material and second is the production. No matter the interior or exterior furniture for a hotel, furniture buyers should always take durability, versatility, appearance, functionality, and comfort into consideration and the fact is that all these factors are tightly related to the material. Different materials can meet different requirements and have different functions and aesthetics. Wood, metal, rattan, fabric, and plastics are commonly used in the furniture industry. As a result, the furniture buyers need to know which furniture should use which material, what materials are ideal for specific furniture and what material is the most cost-efficient, etc.

Wood is largely used in luxury hotel furniture and has features of weather resistant, unique beauty, and higher price. Rattan can be used to make chairs and give a special look and style for some theme hotels. Metal material is mix-used with other materials to improve products’ durability. Aluminum even becomes the most popular material in the furniture industry and gives out a modern style.

3. Know the Types of Hospitality Furniture You Will Need

Hotel rooms, reception, restaurant, bathroom, lobby, and outdoor furniture vary a lot. Before purchasing, you need to plan in advance and have an outline in your mind and then you can easily come to the next step. The right furniture match with the right hotel style and design can offer the most fantastic looks!

For hotel rooms, beds, chairs, tables, bathroom vanities, and toilets are important because all these determine the quality and comfort of your hotel. Select the right size, styles, and colors to match. If you can give a superior experience for your customers, then your hotel definitely will stand out.

For the hotel dining set, you should consider the dining chairs, tables, and lights. Choose the ones based on your hotel's overall looks, structures, and colors. If your hotel style is a classic retro look, then you better choose the wooden finishing.

The reception furniture is crucial because customers will have their first impression when walking into your hotel. Reception furniture must be clean and crisp, fitting into your whole hotel looks.

Know your hotel’s orientation and styles, know your hotel’s overall planning, then search for reliable luxury hotel furniture suppliers, and finally get your perfect, unique and ideal furniture solutions!

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